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Conveyor Health Services specialises in conveyor diagnostic/condition monitoring solutions company utilising its proprietary software suite of technologies developed at the company’s headquarters in Perth, Western Australia. The company has achieved an excellent reputation as a high-quality supplier of onsite services and quality products within the industry. Our ability to promptly respond to client requests ensures that turnaround time is minimal and service delivery is completed within agreed timeframes.


Conveyor belt scanning systems are supplied to allow clients to view the integrity of assets on line. CHS scanning products come in various options and will depend upon the particular risk protocol a system follows. Our range to date includes mobile, appointed, remote and continuous systems.


Our ongoing research and development activity is going to add further solutions to our product range.


CHS is an Australian based company located in Perth Western Australia, a new company created to assist those within the bulk materials handling sector.


Its key people are drawn from the conveying industry and have over 27 years’ experience within the manufacturing, installation, splicing and diagnostic divisions of a global conveyor belt manufacturing entity. The main aim of CHS is to provide non-aligned/independent diagnostic capability to those who run and operate conveyor systems.


Our focus is to provide for data collection, analysis and asset management through the facilitation of acquired asset knowledge. Our services include but are not limited to radiographic examination, ultrasonic gauge measurement, MFL scanning, video surveillance, thermographic and ultrahigh frequency noise detection.


The combination of services provide for a full range of diagnostics tools allowing all facets of a conveyors make up to be recorded, analysed and managed.




Our focus is to provide up to date diagnostic data to allow our clients to manage their assets to best reflect particular outcomes. This may include prioritised repair schedules or replacement schedules based on measurable and predicted outcomes. The nature of services CHS offer will not only provide for current condition reporting but can be applied to include trending analysis and or notification of a failure event occurring.


On-site instant data analysis is part of the service provision, our clients will receive an overview of all data collected prior to departure from the site. A full condition report detailing specific concerns will be despatched upon further analysis of the data collected and further investigations completed.





To provide our clients with class-leading technology solutions to help them manage their assets in the most efficient way possible.



Provide our employees with a fun, engaging and challenging work environment where the teamwork as one to achieve our shared goals.



  • Customer Focus - We develop enduring relationships by being 100% committed to doing what is right for our customers.

  • Integrity - Everything we do is performed with the utmost level of integrity. Being open and honest with our colleagues, customers and suppliers are central to how we do business.

  • Innovation – We promote an innovative culture and pursue solutions that make a difference.

  • Responsibility - We all take ownership of our tasks and are accountable for our actions.



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JAMES WARBRICK: Team leader Operations

James comes from a manufacturing background and holds a bachelor’s Hon’s degree in

Manufacturing Systems Engineering and is a Member of the Institute of Engineers Australia. James has held positions within the Conveyor Belt Manufacturing sector for 27 years, conveyor Installation, Service and health for the past 17 years.


Currently living in Western Australia James has performed works for various clients globally and today still remains in contact with many who value his input when it comes to maintaining their conveying assets. The realisation that more clients wanted an independent evaluation of their assets prompted the setting up of CHS.

Lee Milward.jpg

LEE MILWARD : Commercial Officer

Lee is a qualified Chartered Accountant with twenty-five years of experience working in senior Financial and Business Development roles in Australia, Europe & Africa. He also holds a Computer Science degree.

He gained valuable skills during his fifteen years of working in the manufacturing industry, notably through being exposed to the Toyota culture and business process in Europe.

During the last ten years or so Lee has worked with some very successful, fast growing innovative startup businesses from Western Australia and joins the team at Conveyor Health Services Pty Ltd to help execute the companies ambitious growth plans.

He is a team player that is able to enthuse and motivate others to see the big picture and is persistent in ensuring that progress of goals that have been set are monitored and achieved in line with business strategy.

Richard Smith.png

RICHARD SMITH: Software Engineer

Richard has over 25 years experience designing, implementing and testing software applications in a vast array of industries. His activities include the automation of the Goldfields & Agricultural Water Supply System, a mass transit ticketing system, a Joint Assembly training application for flanges in the Oil and Gas sector and database-centric applications for management of a medium size Perth business and a Perth Government Department. 

Currently based in Margaret River, Western Australia he continues to remotely support a number of clients as well as joining the Conveyor Health Services team to help design and implement leading-edge applications for the recording, analysis and monitoring of MFL System and the generation of reports that will provide our clients with the most accurate and up-to-date information about their systems.

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